Mogudes de Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jazz Steps, Claqué, Balboa i molt més a Barcelona...

Friday's Swing Jam!

Friday's Swing Jam!

Organiza: Swing Maniacs

Día: Friday 20-05-2016

Horari: De 21:00 a 1:30

0€ SM students doing 4 or more courses
2€ Swing Maniacs students
4€ BCNswing, Hoppers Garriga, Terrassahoppers, TGNswing, Crazy Legs and Bigpotters Granollers
5€ General entrance


SM Gràcia - Virreina

carrer Església 4-10, Barcelona

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Give the wellcome to the weekend dancing!

Invited DJs: Álex Gómez and Marcos Horna!


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