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Like every process in life, relationships and marriages go through a growth process — there will be moments of laughter, fun, and excitement. However, it is not always going to be rosy because there will be times when partners or couples will disagree on issues and express divergent opinions. While occasional arguments are considered "healthy" relationships, too much of it is also not suitable for the parties. While most people can not see beyond the physical world, Spellcaster Maxim hints on his website,, that there is always an unseen hand that is either piloting or manipulating couples to get on each other's faces.

The "unseen hands" referred to in this case can be the form of a supernatural being and magic spells like black magic spells to break up a couple and break up curse. These are all potential and most likely caused by divorces, break ups, and separations. Having mentioned that, one begins to think, "how do all of these impact marriages and relationships?' If you are haunted by this question and thought, not to worry because we are going to dissect the topic and address common queries that are attributed to the subject.

When relationships and marriages are going through the not-so-fun phase, there are usually two options to consider — Try to fix it or take your leave. Depending on the nature of the tension and the chances of escalating to physical abuse, one may decide to stay back, reach out to a legitimate online spell caster like Spellcaster Maxim or cast the spells from somewhere far away from the abusive partner.

Spell casters don't just jump into casting any spells they like or cast a breakup spell simply because you want them to or ask them to. No! There have to be consultations and meetings (either online or offline) where the spell caster will listen to your concerns and try to understand how he can be of help to you — if your reason for contacting him is to mend a broken relationship or marriage using binding spells, the spell caster will advise you on how to go about it.

On the other hand, if your intention is to seek revenge or get back at someone for a wrong they did to you, the spell caster will attempt to talk you out of it because of the dangers and risks involved if you go down that route. A genuine break up spells that really work caster and voodoo spells to break up a relationship caster will proffer better alternatives and how you can fulfill your goals without putting yourself in harm's way.

Are break up marriage spells responsible for the high rate of relationship break up?

According to Spellcaster, at least 90% of marriages come to an abrupt end within their first year, making it almost impossible to tell what the causes of these break ups are. However, there are reports from different casters and counselors who have investigated the trend and have been able to out a list of the top reasons why the rate of break ups is headed north.

You would probably be thinking and asking yourself," what is the relationship between marital breakups and voodoo spells to break up a relationship, and why is it of so much concern to break up spell that actually works practitioners? The answer is not far-fetched. The relationship is that such unpleasant events increase pressure on spell caster because it often increases the demand for breaking relationship curses and breaking up a couple spell that works fast.

As you can imagine, a continuous increase in the number of breakups translates into an increase in the demand for spell casters. Because of the short supply of professional spell casters, people face increased chance of running into the traps of amateur spells casters or gimmicks. And that is not a pleasant experience. People who pretend to be spell casters act without conscience, and they have no problems robbing people in broad daylight with their schemes — and unfortunately, one can not be too careful because they are everywhere.

To significantly reduce your chances of falling into the plots and ploys of such ethical elements while searching for black magic spells to break up a couple and other extremely powerful break up spell that work, you should make time to research the available options before asking any spell caster to handle your case.

black magic spells to break up a couple

Break up spells that work: Top reasons why couples break up

  • Poor communication

As the famous saying, effective communication is the key to success in virtually every business. Smooth communication plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of every union. Once a relationship lacks healthy communication, it would most likely end prematurely because happiness would be in short supply in the marriage. They all follow a pattern and are affected by the same factors — healthy communication brings about happiness, and a happy union births satisfaction.

  • Distance

It is common knowledge in the magic community and among "break up spells that work immediately" enthusiasts that distance doesn't hinder magic spells from completing their assignment and yielding the desired result. However, one can not say the same about relationships because distance and proximity play a significant role in establishing a solid connection between partners.

While that is generally agreed upon, distance or geographical barrier is not always the reason why your lover starts to cheat on you, lose interest in the relationship, or cut off from you and the family(if you are married)for no justifiable reason. Spellcaster Maxim is of the opinion that people start looking outside their relationship or marital union for pleasure or companionship — the possible cause could be one of two things. It could be that someone else has cast a powerful break up spell on the cheating partner or is under a curse (say break up curse.) The next possible reason could be that a cheating partner is a promiscuous person (by default), and cheating or having multiple partners comes easy to them. In the latter instance, there is no such thing as someone using spell to break up a marriage in your family.

So, suppose you are having a rough time in your marriage or relationship because of distance. In that case, it is easier to deal with it using physical and ordinary means like counseling and asking someone elderly to advise you on how to deal with the situation. However, suppose you suspect that your partner is barely hiding behind distance as the reason for the break up, and is hiding something or starts to behave strange. In that case, you should not take it lightly or sit on your hands and assume it will blow away or think that your partner is having a life crisis. No!

According to Spellcaster Maxim, people don't change don't change for no reason; there is always a motivation for their habit or action, and there is no better way of ascertaining what the source of the problem is than talking to a legit online spell to break up a bad relationship caster. If you contact a spell caster and they confirm that someone is using spells to break up a couple to put a strain on your relationship, you can discuss the several means of breaking the spell and what you have to do to get your relationship back on track.

While you are at it, you must bear in mind that a good number of studies have shown that couples in long-distance relationships are most likely not going to stay longer. One of the contributing factors is that one or both partners often do not put in enough work or effort in meeting to plan their future. Speaking from experience, Spellcaster Maxim highlights the general characteristics of long-distance relationships and the reasons why they don't last. The relationship is characterized by a lot of stress on both partners, the absence of satisfaction and happiness, and, last but not least, poor communication.

  • Can witchcraft break up a relationship and cause a loss of intimacy?

According to Spellcaster Maxim, there are a number of ways spells to break up a relationship work and impact any relationship. One of them is making lovers lose interest in the union or in living together as boyfriend and girlfriend or man and wife (depending on what level you are at in the relationship.)

If you are asking if spells to break up a couple can make a relationship stale, yes, it can, and a real breakup spell caster can even take it further by making the relationship boring and shallow. The good news is that you can reverse the effects of the spell and use it to make an ex husband or boyfriend come back to you. How?

Suppose your husband or boyfriend elopes with their lover to have "fun" or start a new family; you can use a powerful break up spell to make them separate and come back to you. Spellcaster Maxim will use the spell to make them fall out of love with each other, make them become like strangers to themselves, and trigger a chain of events that will eventually result in them breaking up.

Contrary to popular beliefs about spells to break up a relationship, they are not designed or created to make tear families apart. It is important always to remember that spells by themselves are not evil. It is the people or person using them that either uses them for the pure reasons they are intended for or use them to serve their personal and selfish agenda.

There is more!

These are only a few out of many reasons why most relationships don't make it off the ground. Other factors or reasons that impact relationships negatively are:

  1. Toxic behavior and abuse

  2. Excess jealousy

  3. Substance abuse

  4. Rushing into marriage or relationships without ample thoughts

  5. Sexual incompatibility

  6. Not wanting the same things and not reaching a compromise

  7. Setting unrealistic expectations

  8. Unforgiveness

  9. Been in a relationship for the ingenuine or imsincere reasons

  10. Lack of empathy

break up voodoo spells

Break up spells that work immediately

While different types of spells have distinct methof of operation and different times where they are needed, it is worth mentioning that there "break up spells that work immediately" are myths. They don't exist, and looking for a spell caster to cast such spells is like attempting to pass a camel through the eyes of a needle or looking for a pin in a haystack. It is next to impossible to cast spells that take effect almost immediately after they are cast. However, Spellcaster has mentioned countless times on, that there are ways of casting the most powerful break up spell to make them work fast. This often involved performing special magical rituals and following every instruction given by the spell caster while casting the spell.

Casting break up voodoo spells that work fast is not exactly easy, and at the same time, it is not rocket science. You can cast such spells using pictures or photos and magic candles, voodoo dolls, or going to dark forces to cast such spells as black magic spells to break up a couple using dark magic. Using any of the above listed methods will speed up the rate at which the effect of the spell will begin to manifest. If you do it correctly, you should have an effective spell that will start to manifest almost immediately.

Beware of the dangers of casting extremely powerful break up spell by yourself

Just as it is not advised to get behind the wheels of a car without knowing how to drive or attempting to fly a plane without training, casting a strong break up spell by yourself(without guidance from an experienced spell caster like Spellcaster Maxim) will only end in one way —self-destruction.

There are rules that guide and regulate the use of magic spells. Those who cast commanding spells to break up a relationship and curse to break up a couple with disregard for the governing rules will get into trouble with higher authorities and get published. What are these rules, you ask?

According to Spellcaster Maxim, there are a thousand and one rules one must follow before, while, and after casting break up spells that work instantly. While it is true that only trained spell casters can cast spells that are real and will actually work, this doesn't exempt amateur spell casters from trying their hands in the course of their apprenticeship — all they have to do is observe things very carefully and ensure that they don't get carried away by the excitement of casting spells.

Marriage break-up spells practitioners must also be very careful not to cast spells because they have the power to do or use spells to inflict pain on people because they hurt you or you misunderstood them. Doing so goes against every ethics of spell casting and is trailed by higher authorities' punishments, which are not pleasant.

How to break up someone else's relationship: What are the dangers of casting break up a marriage spell by yourself

Marriage creates a strong bond between the parties involved. The bond that marriage form transcends ordinary friendship and is not something to be taken for granted. Not many people may know or are aware of the extent of bond that marital unions create, but it runs deep. It creates a bond in the physical and spiritual worlds and the strength of the connection manifests in different ways, including how couples who have been together for a while start to think alike and can almost tell what the other partner is thinking or feeling even when they are miles apart. What does that tell you?

This tells us that casting spells to break up a marriage is no easy task, and it would take a great deal of energy and resources to pull off.

For an expressively driven spell caster, casting such a strong break up spell could result in damage if the spell goes wrong. According to Spellcaster Maxim, the possible damages that can be done following a failed spell range from the caster losing their minds and going insane, experiencing a decline in income, and losing properties and other valuables. So, one should always have a rethink before casting spells to break up relationship. While this is not to discourage people from casting spells, you should take it as a guide and pointer to casting spells — can you cast magic spells? Yes! Should you cast the spells by yourself? No!

Break up couple spell: Can I learn how to cast spells by myself?

There is no bias when it comes to casting spells, and no one has domination over powerful break up spell and extremely powerful break up spell. Regardless of gender and geographical location, virtually everyone has equal rights to casting break up relationship spells, race, or. However, you must be ready to commit to learning and training. Simply learning to cast spells doesn't guarantee that anyone can cast them. You may put the knowledge to use whenever you need to cast simple break up spells and break up spell that actually works without using picture or voodoo dolls.

Unless you are a trained spell caster and practitioner,you should always allow skilled hands to cast your spells. That way, you don't have to worry about looking over your shoulders for retaliation or potential kickbacks from higher authorities.

Having mentioned "kickbacks and retaliation" from dark forces, there is a need to discuss the karmic rule. What is the Karmic principle, you ask? In the magic community, there are forces working around the clock to ensure order and professionalism. It also keeps every spell caster in check and curtails their excesses — then there is the added benefit of hindering power drunkenness and bullying.

Humans have many interesting tendencies, and one such tendency is seeking vengeance or acting out of fear and emotions. To keep these tendencies in check and also put a lid on spell castes that may want to go overboard with spells, the karmic law prevents using spells to satisfy personal agendas or purposes.

According to the karmic code, whoever uses magic spells for purposes other than good will be met with three times the energy of the spell they cast. What that implies is that whatever you intend to put on someone for selfish reasons will come back with three times the original power. Take, for example, if your purpose is to cast break marriage spell or spells to break up a relationship just for couples to suffer and become depressed. When the spell is done completing the assignment, it will eventually come back to the caster, and it will not be a pleasant experience.

According to Spellcaster Maxim, the karmic belief and law have upset, and discouraged efforts of unethical spell casters from using spells to cause harm to people for no just reason or because their clients have deep pockets, and they want to milk them.

Black magic to separate couples: How to find the best spell caster online

While there is no general or collective yardstick for choosing break up spell caster, genuine and experienced spell casters like Spellcaster Maxim have consistently shared ideas and a list of factors to consider when searching for a reliable and legit spell caster online.

This is particularly important today where the internet, which is now the hub of spell casters and professionals from virtually every profession worldwide, converges to make themselves accessible to their clients and prospects. Regardless of the field in which you are seeking professional and competent hands to help you solve problems, you should always research the individual to see if they are legit or not. Once you are satisfied with your findings and are sure they are legit, you can check other factors like their track record, reviews, affordability of their services, and of course, level of experience.

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