Neus Castells

Swing - Lindy Hop, Balboa, Swing - Solo Jazz, Super Followers, Cardio Swing & Solo CharlestonTeacher

She discovered the world of Swing by chance, when she was walking one rainy day through Ciutadella park, in Barcelona. She was captivated by the music and the dance and decided to take up Lindy Hop classes in 2007, after which she moved on to Charleston and finally Balboa, taking classes in Barcelona as well in international workshops. Going to all the dancings and events in Barcelona she could, she has been dancing almost everyday since then; for her a day without dancing and without having tryed and learned something new is like a wasted day.

Super Followers

PT - Beginners Intermediate

Ref. 223TRM05 SFPT D2000 BG

Dia: Thursday

Hour: from 20:00 to 20:55

Inici: 05-05-2022

Room: 5 Carrer Roger de flor, 293 - 08025 Barcelona

Profe/s: Neus Castells

Preu: 20€ /mes 20€ /mes

Super Followers

T - Intermediate

Ref. 223TRM05 SFT B1800 BG

Dia: Tuesday

Hour: from 18:00 to 18:55

Inici: 03-05-2022

Room: 3B

Profe/s: Neus Castells

Preu: 20€ /mes 20€ /mes

Aquest curs fa 8 mesos que ha començat. Et recomanem fer una prova de nivell abans d'apuntar-t'hi.

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