Swing Maniacs was born out of the passion of  two individuals deeply in love with swing. This passion has taken them around the world to participate in various international workshops, providing them with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the swing domain. By establishing the school, their goal was to create a meeting place for all those passionate about this dance style and to share their enthusiasm.

Lately, the growing interest in swing in Barcelona has turned the city into a European reference point, not just for the number of dancers but also for the frequency of related events.

Today, Swing Maniacs stands out as one of the most influential dance schools in Barcelona's scene, offering classes in all styles to dance to the rhythm of swing and welcoming a wide student community. At Swing Maniacs, people of all ages, from children to adults and the elderly, can learn a variety of dances taught: lindy hop, Charleston, tap, balboa, blues, hip-hop, electroswing, contemporary, ballet, dance hall, twerk, reggaeton, commercial dance and much more!

We invite you to explore the events section of our website, where you'll find all the activities and jams organized by the school, including DJ sessions and live music concerts. You can also check out other events organized in and around Barcelona, a perfect opportunity to practice what you've learned in class and meet other swing enthusiasts with whom to enjoy dancing.

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