Are the classes recorded or live?

All classes are done live through the Zoom platform, thus allowing teacher’s feedback in real time.

If I am interested in doing a class but I can't by schedule, is there a solution?

If you want to take a course but it doesn’t fit in your schedule, sign up! Since you can do it afterwards with the recorded video two working days after the class has taken place, as long as the course indicates that it will be recorded.

How many registrations do I have to do if we are 2 or more in my house?

If the course is individual, one registration is made per person and if the course is in pairs, one registration is made per couple.

How do I know if a course is for my level?

In the description of each course you will find the minimum time you need to have been dancing for that course.

Are there courses for people who have never danced?

Yes, those where there is “No level required” in the description.

With which kind of device can I do the live classes?

With laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone.

How many devices can I link to watch the videos?

The system only allows two devices to be linked, for example: a tablet and a laptop.

Will I receive feedback from the teachers in the live classes?

Yes, as long as you connect on the day and time of the class. You should position the camera so that the teacher can see you when you dance. In the case of watching the class afterwards you will not receive feedback.

Do I have to connect my camera?

No, it is not mandatory, but if you want to receive feedback from the teachers, it is necessary.

Can the other students in the class see me?

If you have the camera connected, yes, they can see you.

What program do I need to do the live classes?

We use the Zoom platform. Things to keep in mind:
     1. Always download Zoom from the official website: https://zoom.us/
     2. Keep the application updated, you always have to use the latest version.
     3. All meetings are password protected.
     4. To enter the class, we will enable the waiting room, to ensure that all the people who enter are students. It is important to put the name and surname of the person who has purchased the course, otherwise it will not be allowed to enter. Enter 5 minutes before the class starts.

Are the classes recorded so I can see them afterwards?

Yes, unless otherwise is indicated in the course description.

When will the recorded classes be ready to see them afterwards?

You can see them in your user account on the Swing Maniacs website two working days after the class has taken place.

For how long will the videos be on the SM account?

Until 15 days after the end of the course.

It is possible to download the recorded classes?

No, they can only be seen through your Swing Maniacs account.

How i register for an online course?

1.- Access or create an account on the Swing Maniacs website.
2.- Choose the courses you want.
3.- Make the payment by bank card.
4.- You will receive an email with all the necessary information to do the class.
5.- Let's dance!

Can I propose courses that I would like to do?

Yes, we listen you!

If we are a group that wants to take a course on a specific day and time, what should we do?

Send us an email to info@swingmaniacs.com and we will manage it.

If the course does not go ahead due to lack of enrolled people, what happens to the money I have paid?

There are several options that you can choose
     1.- We exchange it for another course.
     2.- You put your money in the virtual piggy bank and you can use it to sign up for another course (sending an email to info@swingmaniacs.com).
     3.- The amount paid is returned to you.

In case I am injured, is the amount returned?

No, since you will have the recorded videos available to watch, in case it is a course that the teacher allows you to record.

If I have money in the piggy bank, can I use it for online courses?

Yes, at the time of paying the course the money you have in the piggy bank will be discounted.

If I have already paid the semester that had to start in May, can I use the money to do the classes online?

Yes of course. Send us an email to info@swingmaniacs.com and we will manage it.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

By phone from 12:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Friday at 0034 931 876 985
By whatsapp 0034 931 876 985
By mail to info@swingmaniacs.com

If you are already registered in a course

How do I see the link to enter the class in live (Zoom)?

How do I add myself to the WhatsApp group?

Is it important to add me to the WhatsApp group of my class?

It is recommended to have contact with the classmates of the course, in case you have doubts, and sometimes the teachers post summary videos of the course, the music used in class, etc ...

Where do I see the recordings of my course classes?

How can I improve my experience watching the classes?

1. To try to prevent cuts in the transmission, connect to the router with a cable. Although many students do it via WIFI or 4G and it works perfectly.
2. Try connecting with a microphone and a camera, since this way the class is more interactive and you can see each other and ask questions.
3. If you can connect it to television (via HDMI cable, Chromecast, ...) it will be cooler.
4. Remember to mute the microphone at the beginning of class, so that the conversations doesn’t cross. At the end of classes we open it again and talk ;)

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