What do "follower" and "leader" mean?
In partnered Swing classes each dancer has a different role. The leader is the one who guides the steps and is normally a guy. The follower is the one who follows the leader's proposed steps and she's normally a girl. However, these days dancers are interchanging these roles more and more. 
Can I sign up without a partner?
Yes, as long as the course you want to enroll in has places available for your role. We'll take care of making sure everyone is paired up. 
If I've never danced, what level should I sign up for?
To start from scratch, the best level is P1 (Beginners 1). Here you can see all the levels we offer!
If I already dance Swing (or have danced it before) or some other type of dance, what level should I sign up for?
Send us an e-mail or call us so you can do an audition to test your level. Here you can see all the levels we offer!

Do I have to pay an enrollment fee?
No, you just have to pay the course price.

How do I know if I'm signed up in the course?
When you finalize your enrollment you get a confirmation e-mail. Another way of knowing is by going into your account online and checking out your "enrolled courses" section. 

How can I pay for my classes?
If you sign up online from home you can only pay by card. If you come to the school, you can pay in cash, by card or bank transfer. 

What do I have to do if I want to continue my last course but it has been cancelled?
In this case you have registration preference in the sign-up period for people continuing courses. Contact us by email, phone or come to the school and you will be able to sign up for the course that best suits your timetable. 

I've looked at the schedule and unfortunately none of the courses fits in my timetable, is there any solution?
At Swing Maniacs we listen to you! Send us your schedule proposal and we'll try to fit you in our daily classes schedule. 

If a course is full, can I reserve a spot?
When there are no more places for your role in a class you can sign up on the waiting list. If a spot opens up, we'll send an e-mail to everybody on the list and the first one to sign up is the one who gets the spot. We recommend signing up on the waiting list for various classes that would fit your schedule so you'll have better chances of snagging a place.
How does the option Look for follower/leader works?
If you don't have a partner, you can look for a person of the other role. You have to do this before signin in to the course as once you're signed in, you can't look for partner.
If there is a person interested in you role, you will receive each others mail. Once signed in, you don't have to dance together in class.

We want to sign up as a couple but we want to pay separately, is that possible?
Yes it is, but in that case you must come to the school to register. 

I'm having doubts about whether to sign up for the course of my level or to sign up for an invitational one.
In this case, we recommend you register in the course of your level and, at the same time do a preinscription for the invitational course. When we figure out the average level in the different courses we'll be accepting or rejecting the preinscriptions, or we'll ask you to do an audition. If you end up in the invitational group you will be able to change your course without any problem!

I want to register for an invitational group but I don't know if I'm good enough. Apart from which level can someone sign up for it?
The Invitational groups are aimed at students from P4 - (4th level beginners) and up. Since there can be disparity in the students' levels, we ask you to do the preinscriptions so as to balance the classes for everyone's benefit . 

What happens if I can't do the course I sign up for, or if I can't finish the quarter?
Once a course is paid we don't do refunds, but you can give up your place to another student with the same role as you (leader/follower). If it's for medical reasons, bring us your leave slip from the doctor and we'll set aside the remainder of the money from the classes you couldn't do (and have notified the school about) for the next trimester. 
What is a jam?
It's an open social dance for everyone, no matter your level! It could be live music or a DJ might be laying down sweet swing tunes. The most fun and important part of a jam is becoming a better dancer. You don't need to come with a partner because people usually change partners after one or two dances. It's highly recommendable that leaders come with extra t-shirts to change into since they usually sweat a lot and that way the followers don't suffer the consequences ;) 
What do I need to wear?
Comfortable clothes (t-shirt and jeans, for example) and some slide shoes to dance.

Once I'm enrolled, can I change groups?
Sure, if the change is in the same trimester. You can make the change from home entering in your account, in my courses, Change course. You will be able to do it if the other course is the same type of dance, level and costs the same amount of money. If you would like to do another kind of change, we have to do it in the reception of the school.

A partir del tercer canvi, cobrarem 5€ per cada canvi.Sure, you can change your group. No problem. But on the 3rd change within one quarter there will be a 5€ administration fee for each change.

What is a taxi in the Swing world?
A taxi is a student (normally a leader) who, apart from the classes he or she's enrolled in, signs up for other classes at his or her level or lower in order to accompany a follower who hasn't got a partner...and it's totally free! This helps us pair up the students in the classes that usually don't have enough leaders

How can I sign us as a taxi?
You can sign up through the website, registering in the course as a taxi. When we find a follower to assign you, you'll get an e-mail where you'll have to confirm and then you're officially a taxi! If the spot is filled by a leader who is paying for the course, you'll get a mail saying "your services" are no longer needed since paying students take precedence over taxis. This can happen at any time during the course. You might get another e-mail later saying that we need you again and we'll assign you to another follower

How can i use the money in that I have in the virtual money-box?
You have to sign in from the school, you don't have access to it at home.

If I want to sign up to an invitational group, how do I do it?
Invitational groups function by preinscription. On the website, go to the course you're intrested in and preinscribe in it. We'll contact you via e-mail. We'll form the classes according to the level of the students. If we don't know what kind of level you're dancing at, we will most probably ask you to come for an audition. Preinscription does not guarantee a spot in the class.

What is an invitational group?
They are groups where we try more than usual to make sure that everyone in the class is dancing at as similar a level as possible.

Where can I listen to Swing music?
On Swing Maniac's home page there is a link to our Spotify playlist with hours and hours of music! For you lazy hoppers, here's the link. ;)

What is an audition?
It's a way to test your dancing level where the teachers will watch you dance, or maybe dance with you. We do it in order to homogenize the level of the group as much as possible.

Do we change partners in class?
In class we rotate partners often since Swing is a social dance and at parties it's common to change partners at the end of every song. If you don't want to change partners, no problem! Just make the instructors aware of it before class.

Can I make up a class I missed?
If you've missed a day of class and you have notified the school of your absence ahead of time through the website (at least two hours before class starts) you can make up the class as long as there are free spots in a class at your same level. 

What does a taxi do?
Coming to other classes as a LEADER of the same level or levels below the ones you're enrolled in, so you can improve your dancing. And a person who has no partner can do classes-- a perfect symbiosis.

How much do I have to pay?
Nothing! It's free!

What do I have to do to be taxi?
1. - Be a student at the school.
2. - Be enrolled in a LINDY HOP (not other styles) course at or above the level you want to be a taxi in.
3. - Commit to come to all classes if you register as a regular taxi in a course or notify us in advance if you cannot come. 

How do I sign up?
You just have to register in the class you want to be a taxi in and click the section "sign up as a taxi".

Can girls be a taxi? 
Yes! Girls that are enrolled in lindy hop courses of intermediate or higher level as a followers can also be a taxi LEADER in beginners courses from P1 to P4.  

I've already signed up! Now what?
If any follower needs you, we will contact you!
Moreover, if you do regular taxis and you do not miss any of the classes, at the end of the course you will have 5€ on your wallet! 

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